Locs’ 3 Year Locaversary & Life Update

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while which I why I made 2 videos in 24 hours! I’m detailing why I’ve been M.I.A and everything revolving around my 3 year locs, I go over growth, retwist, go-to styles and thinning.

Life Update

Locs’ 3 year Locaversary

Baby Luv

Hey yaw!! I know I’ve been MIA again but it certainly wasn’t on purpose. I have gotten alot done since my last post, turns out I got pregnant within weeks of my last post, not to mention I had a 5 month old, a 2 year old and an 8 year old already, so if my husband and I weren’t busy already…. The pregnancy seemed pretty overwhelming for me at that time. As some of you know, I own a few businesses and at the time I found out I was pregnant, I was in the midst of starting another, one of which would be the most profitable of all….. So instead of slowing down a bit and taking it easy, of course I just put faith in God, juggled it all and God as well as my family and I made it work. I’m saying all that to say that, I’m healthy, happy and highly favored. Regarding my locs, these babies are growing like a weed!! I guess low maintenance and prenatal pill will do that!

Maternity shoot: (*Photography done by my husband & I /www.Metamorphosiz.net)

Baby Shower: (*Photography done by me /www.Metamorphosiz.net as well as our guests.

2 Years Loc’d

I’ve finally posted a video! This was my first video in about a year, so im updating you with all the blessings i recieved that kept me from posting as well as my growth and updated routine.

2 Years Down!

Never goin back, best decision I’ve ever made for my hair. 2 years down, a lifetime to go! I just celebrated my 2 year locaversary this past Friday 10/28!

Video soon to follow

16 Month Loc (mini) Update


SORRY!!! I haven’t been consistent lately and this is why!


I’ve been extremely busy opening my Photo & Beauty Lounge. The Grand Opening which took place on February 6th, 2016 is featured in the photos above. More images can be viewed here: http://pin.it/ojnaTCb

MONTH 9 & 10

Unfortunately I am uploading this video very late I have already been loc’d for over a year now but I thought this deserved to still be shown. This video features both my 9 month loc update where I did a few temporary faux locs for color and length as well as my 10 month update where show more of the length.


In this video, I’m giving an update on my 8 month locs and I briefly discuss my water only re-twist, natural hair lightener and why I don’t condition my locs.


In this video, I discuss the progress I have had in my locs thus far.


This video features my progress thus far after being loc’d for 6 months as well as my updated retwist routine and my go-to style for this length.


In this video I give an update on my hair thus far, 5 months after starting my loc journey.(although its late, I was 5 months on 3.28.15) I also talk about how I did marley twists on my locs for our album release party.


In this video I give an update on my hair thus far, 4 months after starting my loc journey. I also talk about “splitting locs,” a technique use to slip the size of a loc in half.


In this video, I discuss my night routine for my starter locs. I have listed the specific products below.

In this video I discuss my 3 month locaversary, update as well as how I wash and re-twist my hair. I also go over the products I use which I have listed below.


In this video I discuss why I believe the best time to loc hair is in/or before the start of the winter months. I also go over my go-to style and protective/ winter styles which I do between re-twists, during cold months and how I mask the fuzzy period. Don’t expect an “ugly stage” from me hunty because theres nothing “ugly” or “dreadful” about my locs!

Re-twist Routine

My Loc update-2.5 months: Tons of budding everywhere!!! They are locing in the back the faster (the back is thicker and a much looser grade of hair) its getting thicker all over and growing like a weed.

I get a re-twist every 4-5 weeks, which I go to the shop for, mainly because I would rather them do my shampoo. Between re-twists, I do what I call a mid-month re-twist to refresh the perimeter. I decided to do mid-month re-twists as a response to the friction of the bonnet that rubbed against the perimeter/ edges of my locs which left them with a dull appearance.

Re-twist Products

My Re-twist products are very simple, I just use aloe vera gel and good ol’ H20.



Here you can see the 2-3 rows I re-twisted during my mid-month re-twist.

Here you can see (or not) where and why I stopped after that 4th row, it’s just not necessary.

What it looks like before my mid-month re-twist.

What it looks like before my mid-month re-twist.

Night Routine

The bonnet that I wore which cause friction and left a dull appearance on the perimeter of my locs, As you can see it tends to sit right on the perimeter/edges of my hair.

inside out bonnet

Wearing it inside out helped but did not eliminate the problem.

My last row of locs tend to be taking the longest due to the friction of the bonnet, so I clip them every night to keep them in tact. This step I still do even with my new bonnet.

New Scarf

New Scarf… way better than the bonnet and I can actually grow into this one too! This is the one I got and it was only $4.50

Damian Walter 2nd re-twist trip from Oakland to Los Angeles 12/30/14

Day After Re-twist

Day After Re-twist

Day After Re-twist

My locs are not necessarily growing down, (in length) because they are starting to thicken up and look fuller.

During the Month:





1 Month Locversary: In this video I’m discussing my 1st re-twist, budding locs, growth and wearing my wig as a protective style!


BUDDING???? idk?? I hope so!

5 weeks

Week 5, the day after 1st re-twist


Months prior to locing


Curly hair months a few months prior to locing


Day 7 loc’d


4 weeks loc’d


2 thoughts on “Locs

  1. I love your journey so far, the locs are looking wonderful. It seem to be growing fairly quickly. How often for the retwist in the beginning & will it work twist well with very fine thin hair? Thanks Cuz, love the whole website.


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