Why is Water Intake Important? 7 Wonders of H20


  1. Want to lose weight: Water increases your metabolism and helps you feel full.

Tip: Drink a glass of water before you eat.  The colder the water, the better! Your body has to work harder to keep your body warm during this time. Therefore, you burn more calories and feel fuller at the same time. This is a win, win situation.

Instead of grabbing sugary drinks (soda, juice, etc.), replace it with a glass of water. Start with one meal and eventually you will crave H20 with all meals. Next time you drink one of these sugary drinks, flip to the label to see how many calories you are partaking in. Some drinks have upwards of 300-400 calories. H20 has zero calories!


  1. Water helps give you more energy. You may be dehydrated and water may do the trick. It’s easier for your heart to pump blood that has the correct water concentration and viscosity verses thick blood, which is much harder to pump. Also, water aids in blood transport of oxygen.


  1. Increase Water, Decrease Stress. Your brain is 70-80% water.  If your brain is starved for water, your mind and body are stressed.

Tip: Keep water around in a bottle and sip it throughout the day. I enjoy the camelbak water bottle. It works great and I carry it everywhere with me (school, gym, commuting, and desk area). Great investment!!

Remember: When you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.



  1. Water helps build muscle tone. Water helps lubricate the space between your joints and prevents muscle cramping. You can exercise longer and stronger without cramps, resulting in more time spent working out building muscle.


  1. Water is good for the skin. The skin is less elastic and dry when dehydrated causing wrinkles and imperfections to become more noticeable. Cells in the body are plumper with the presence of water, making your face look fresher and younger. Also, water helps wash away dirt and impurities, allowing your inner glow to show through your skin.


  1. Your regular with water. Fiber is great, however the presence of water is required to help make stool contents softer. If dehydrated, your small intestines absorb nearly all water resulting in stool without the proper balance of water and waste particles. This makes your bowel movements harder and more difficult to pass. This can lead to other issues: straining, constipation, fissures, etc.

Tip: Drink water with fiber supplements or your stool will be hard as rock.


  1. Water reduces the presence of kidney stones. The kidneys filter the body’s waste before the contents heads down to the bladder for elimination. Without the proper water balance, the waste sticks together causing painful kidney stones. Reduce your risk with water!


-Curlie a.k.a Kawanda SwaffordBS, RN
Family Nurse Practitioner Candidate, UCSF Class of 2015

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