Baby Talk

This video features, our baby introductions, why we’ve been M.I.A., our birth stories etc…. stick around for the bloopers they are hilarious!

Curlie Locs: Texture Discrimination

In this video we discuss the ugly truth regarding texture discrimination in the natural hair community. It’s unfortunate that this issue has to be discussed at all when we should all be supporting each other on our journeys which we’ve all needed confidence and support to survive.

Curlie Locs: Is Natural Hair Professional?

I’m this video we discuss Natural hair in a professional setting.

Our “Hair” story by Chime Edwards

We both really enjoyed this!

Curlie Locs: Bump Up Your Natural (For ALL Naturals)

In this video we discuss rocking your NATURAL hair with confidence whether your rocking locs or curls, we go over 4 simple steps that all of us naturals can use!

Do Locs Have a Place In The Natural Hair Community? Featuring Damian Walter

Why Are Locs Excluded In The Natural Hair Community? Featuring Damian Walter. We discuss the placement of locs in the natural hair community and stigmas of locs.

Let us know your thoughts, take the poll and/or comment below

Natural Hair Topic: Is Natural Hair a Trend or a Movement?
Featuring: Damian Walter

Let us know your thoughts, take the poll and/or comment below


3 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. I absolutely LOVE this site, I can not wait to be move involved with it’s development. It’s important for the black communities to understand their culture and not to be afraid to leave their hair in it’s natural state. Learning how to take care of it on your own is very hard. The new information that is out on these particular sites and sites like “youtube.com” have truly helped my embrace the real me. I look in the mirror and feel so complete, so confident in myself. Thanks to all who care and work hard to continue this movement.

    With much love,


    • Hi Letty! I’m so happy that you are enjoying Curlielocs. You are correct in saying how important it is to understand our culture and be comfortable rocking our natural hair. The web and “youtube in general has made finding information so much easier and it has really helped so many people learn what we can do with our hair left in its natural state. Our hair is truly beautiful and it really is exciting to to see all the sites dedicated to loving our coils, twists, locs, and natural hair- I LOVE IT. Peace!

      Jeanie Sallah


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