Curlie’s Deva Cut Review

Hi Curl Friends,

I just wanted to share my Deva Cut experience with you all!  I  recently visited Madu Salon in San Francisco, Ca.

I came in like this… looking crazy!

Sequence 01.Still011


But left like this!

…I’d be telling to much if i told you whether I enjoyed my service, I guess you better watch the video!


These are the products I bought to keep up the look.




Curlie’s Big News

Hey Curl Friends,

I know its been quite some time but so much has gone on has gone on in my life since I last checked in!  I got married, got a new job, bought a house and we are now pregnant with our 1st child, a baby girl!   My pregnancy has taught me a lot about myself and although I cut my hair a few times, I did it to keep it manageable during this process, that way it can remain healthy and strong.  Here are some of the latest photos I’ve taken.

Maternity Shoot: (*Photography done by Locs /

Baby Shower: (*Photography done by Locs /


Curlie’s 2 year Curlieversary

Hey Curl Friends…It’s my 2 year Curlieversary and I’m so excited. In this video I discuss Hair Growth and What I DON’T Do! Enjoy…I’m so proud to be natural for 2 years and made it this far. Any questions, please feel free to leave below. -Curlie


Volume Hair

 In this video I briefly show you how I achieve my fluffy fro with lots of volume.


How I battle Dry Brittle Hair!

Sometimes I look up and a week has passed by and you have done nothing to your hair, or at least for me. I’m a full time student with several other things happening in my life and at times my hair doesn’t get the attention it deserves or need. But, I’m human. This is a video of how I deal with my hair in this dangerously dry state.


Flat Twist Styles

Check out my first tutorial that is a flat twist updo/semi protective style. I know it’s a little long but it was important for me to be complete and for you all to get to know me in the process. I actually designed the style so you can wear it 2 different ways. Let me know what you think!!


My Curl Story


15 months post chop


Big Chop

straight ends

The day before my big chop: My boyfriend I cut off my straight ends.


2 days post chop


4 months post chop


11 months post chop


13 months post chop


13 months post chop


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