April LOC Feature of the Month: NyTasia McGee



As an adult, I had seen pictures of myself as a child with my hair in french braids. I only saw ponytails with bows or knocker balls when photos were professionally done. I inquired the reason so I asked my mother. She told me because my hair was so thick, that french braids were quick and last a long time. I remember as I was approaching my teenage years I wanted to do my own hair because of the french braid styles made me feel young.  Read More


One thought on “April LOC Feature of the Month: NyTasia McGee

  1. HeyHey my wonderful Lil Honey. You know I’m so proud that you keep being you, and that has brought you much success in all the areas you strived to earn. Make the most of and enjoy all of your Blessed Adventures. Please make sure you continue to include me. I enjoy enjoying you. You remind me of my days all over again. We’re so cool we’ll always end up with big giant smiles.kisskiss lovelove


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